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Your arrangement

Setting up your team, building your team, reducing your team, or issues with your team? There are a range of requirements and best practices when documenting the employment arrangement, including the employment agreement as well as workplace policies.

If your business strategy requires employing people to help you get where you want to go, then you need to make sure you have sound systems in place, so the employment relationship is effective and purposeful.  We can support you with wider HR and employment expertise, as well as the usual scope of employment agreements, dispute resolution or grievances. 

The plan

Having a robust plan ensures that you get things right at the beginning to minimise the risk of issues arising during the employment relationship.  

Our experienced team can drill into the heart of your issues and map out a path, tailored specifically for your needs.

Our team

This is the team that ensures you get paid on time, employ people properly and handle the issues that arise out of business. This team offers strategic advice and business mentor services.  In the employment arena, our team can assist you with questions around the Holidays Act, Privacy Act, Discrimination, Medical Incapacity, Restraints of Trade, Agreement and Policy Drafting, and  mediation or litigation, whether before the Employment Relations Authority (ERA), Employment Court (EmpC), or Court of Appeal.

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