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Welcome to our online questionnaire to create a will. To make this process easier for you, we have separated the questionnaire into three parts. You can complete each part in your own time. Remember you can save the information and come back to it again at a later time. We recommend emailing yourself the link to get back into it after a break.

Before you begin, here's an overview of each part, so you can get prepared:

Part one will deal with information about you and your family.

Part two will ask about your wishes and your executors. We recommend you read our article before you start this part. 

Part three will ask about your assets and liabilities (debts) so we can build a picture of your estate. It would be useful to have information prepared for this part including:

  • Financials (Kiwisaver, life insurance, debts)
  • Any property you own
  • Other assets

When you're ready, let's get started by clicking on part one below.  Once open, use the scroll bar on the right to keep moving through the questionnaire.

Part one - your details
Part two - your funeral arrangements
Part three - your estate arrangements