Getting started

You need to know how much you need to fund, what your options are to obtain those funds, and what security will be required. 

It is worth noting, Kiwisaver, and Homestart Grant paperwork needs to be signed off by a solicitor and has processing timelines that need to be met.

Key things to consider

  • Who is taking out the loan?
  • Is the repayment schedule realistic?
  • What structure would work for you?
  • What insurance cover do you need to have, just in case your situation changes?

Can you help me refinance?

If you would like to change banks or amend your repayments, we can help manage the process and walk you through the jargon. Talk to us early, as there are timelines involved, and we can often save you money.

How much is it going to cost?

'No surprises' is our motto. We want to be upfront on what the property transaction you are embarking on is going to cost you so you can manage your budget. The cost will include the fees you pay for our work but also other related expenses such as council fees and Land information registration fees. 


Our team

Buying, Selling, Leasing, Building, Developing, Subdividing, Financing Property.  Our property experts have seen it all and have you covered whether it be your first home or a development of 1000's of lots.

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