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Although a will seems a simple document, in reality, drafting a will requires a sensitive understanding of individual needs and family dynamics. At times, the complex nature of families and asset protection may require the use of a family trust and other mechanisms, to ensure your wishes are carried out. 


Asset management

Asset management should also be considered with new relationships and handling business risk. In these circumstances, we can give insight and advice in developing robust succession and asset protection plans, designed to fit neatly into the ‘big picture’.

Have a will at all stages of life

It is important to have a will in place at all stages of life, whether you are young, old, single, have assets or are building up your portfolio. 

Your will should include provisions for:

  • Specific gifts or items to be left to named people
  • Distributing your household and personal items
  • Providing for your family in whatever way you wish

Our online tool will guide you to provide the information we need to review your circumstances and draft your will. That means your time with us can be spent talking about important issues.

Relationship status can affect your will

Many people do not realise that changes in their relationship status can affect the validity of their will. If you get married or enter into a civil union you should create a new will. You should also update it regularly.

People can make the mistake of thinking they have no assets but consider your KiwiSaver and bank accounts. These can add up to make a significant pool of assets.

If you die without a will – which is also called ‘intestate’, then there is a prescribed formula as to who gets what when your estate is distributed. Your funeral instructions and other wishes may also be left unfulfilled.

Our team

They say that there are only 2 certainties in life - death and taxes. This team deals with the first certainty and ensures your family navigate the challenges of death with the least angst possible. Planning and sorting your trusts, wills and powers of attorney and finally your estate administration are what this team thrive on.

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