Selling a business

Selling a business is a big decision, and to get the best possible outcome, it’s a process that cannot be rushed.  A good starting point is to collate all of your business related documents into an information memorandum. If you have staff, it is important they are consulted, and included in the process.

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Looking to buy

If you are looking to buy, it helps to have eyes across all aspects of the business, so you can make an educated decision as to what you are actually purchasing. When you are going down this path, you will almost always be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement, to keep private business information between yourself and your advisors.


Things to consider:

  • What are you selling/buying, and what value does it really have?
  • Are all the core components of the business included with the sale/purchase?
  • What due diligence do you need to do around terms, key personnel and other areas?

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