Where to begin

If the preliminary work to define the role and the terms of the offer are already clear, then the accompanying employment agreement will be straightforward. This step is vital, no matter how short or long term the position may be. Every employee must have a written employment agreement.

How we can help

We can advise on the type of agreement you need, whether permanent, part-time, fixed or flexible.  It is essential that any flexibility in an employment relationship, such as staff being on-call, casual shifts or fixed-term projects is clearly articulated in the offer and the agreement.

Every agreement is personalised and gives you the ability to protect yourself, your business and your staff.

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To make life easy, we have an online form that enables us to create an employment agreement and letter of offer that suits your needs.  All you need to do is provide us with some key information, then, one of our specialist employment lawyers will create these documents for you.

After contacting you to complete our mandatory on-boarding process, we will present you with these documents and provide you with any accompanying advice.

Before we get too far down the track, we need to check whether the arrangement you are wanting is an employment relationship or one of an independent contractor.

Employment agreement evaluation tool


If you are ready to begin working on an Employment Agreement you can start here.


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