Get ready

Before you contact your agent, you need to: 

  • Get on top of those pesky repairs & overdue maintenance. We suggest investing in a pre-sale building inspection, to tell you what needs to be done.
  • Ensure all building work is fully signed off, with the right consents.
  • Check you’ve complied with all of the covenants, easements & consent notices of your property.

Our team can advise on what needs to be done.  We’ve got some resources to get you started.

Get it on the market

You have two choices, you can sell privately, or through a local agent. Talk to people you know, about who you should list with.

Key things to consider

  • How much will you be walking away with, once you’ve paid the agent (from the deposit)?
  • Does your sale contract need to be conditional upon purchasing another property?
  • Have you completed all required repairs and maintenance?
  • What chattels do you not wish to part with?
  • Is anything non-compliant at your property?

How much will it cost?

'No surprises' is our motto. We want to be upfront on what the property transaction you are embarking on is going to cost you so you can manage your budget. The cost will include the fees you pay for our work but also other related expenses such as council fees and Land information registration fees.


Help yourself to our helpful property tools and resources, made just for you.

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